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Pets often hide signs of disease or illness as a survival instinct, so it's very important for pet owners to pay attention to what behaviors are normal for their furry family members.

  Canine Oral Exam
  Your pet's oral health impacts
its overall health.

Here are 6 signs of dental disease in pets:

  • Bad breath
  • Red gums
  • Pus oozing from gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Yellow or brownish buildup on the teeth
  • Pain (pets often hide pain – one clue can be decreased appetite or dropping food from the mouth)

Treating Your Pet's Dental Disease

The veterinarians at Beach Park Animal Hospital always conduct a thorough head-to-toe exam as well as a comprehensive oral exam. If we identify signs of dental disease, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning. Just like your dentist, the veterinarians do a full exam, chart any findings, probe the gums for any pockets, x-ray suspicious teeth, scale the teeth to remove tartar, polish the teeth, and apply fluoride. If needed, some restorative measures and oral surgery may also be performed.

Does your pet's mouth smell not-so-sweet? A bad odor can be a sign of serious problems for your pet such as dental disease and infection. This should be discussed with your veterinarian at Beach Park Animal Hospital.

What Do You Know About Your Pet's Oral Hygiene?

Here are some common mouth myths:

  • Pets are supposed to have bad breath. TRUE or FALSE?
  Dog Breath, Panting
  Bad breath in pets is not normal. If your pet's breath smells bad, it could be a sign of dental disease.
    • FALSE. An odor is not normal. Just like in people, bad breath in pets is often a sign of dental disease and requires treatment to safeguard health.

  • Pets don't need regular oral hygiene maintenance. TRUE or FALSE?
    • FALSE. Even with regular dental cleanings at Beach Park Animal Hospital, your pet still needs regular tooth brushing to keep the breath sweet and pearly whites sparkling.

  • Pets' mouths clean themselves. TRUE or FALSE?
    • FALSE. While there are some natural enzyme systems at work in your pet's mouth, it will not keep his or her mouth clean. Debris builds up on your pet's teeth and requires brushing or rubbing to keep the mouth fresh.