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Your pets may look good on the outside, but are they healthy on the inside?

Wellness Blood Work provides a baseline screen for all healthy young and senior pets. Your pet's blood work may also uncover any underlying medical problems in which you and your veterinarian may not have been aware existed.Pet Blood Work Specials

As part of a wellness blood work screening, Beach Park Animal Hospital now offers the new symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA) kidney test at no charge with any chemistry test.

SDMA is a new renal biomarker that identifies kidney disease in cats and dogs months — and even years — earlier than current diagnostic tests alone. Early knowledge means early intervention and informed treatment options for your pets. This test is extremely beneficial for senior pets as kidney disease is a common issue among older cats and dogs.

Raffle Drawing for a 'Pampered Pet' Experience

Any client that schedules wellness blood work for their pet will be entered into a drawing for a 'Pampered Pet' Experience. The raffle winner receives a free grooming and a free two-night stay in our boarding facility for one pet. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Please call us today at (847) 244-1230 to schedule your pet's wellness blood work.